5 common signs and symptoms of glaucoma in kids


5 common signs and symptoms of glaucoma ray ban sunglasses in kids


Glaucoma is not that common in kids. One in 10,000 kids may suffer from glaucoma. The symptoms in kids are very different from those seen in adults suffering from glaucoma. There is no way to prevent congenital glaucoma (that occurs in the first 3 months after Cheap Football Jerseys delivery) or juvenile glaucoma (which occurs till 16 years of age). But knowing the symptoms early on, can help you to get immediate medical intervention to prevent blindness, according to Dr Prachi Agashe, Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Squint specialist from Mumbai.watery-eyes

Epiphora (watery eyes): More often than not, watering of the eyes is ignored. However, this could be Cheap Oakleys a sign of glaucoma in kids. If your kid suffers from persistent watery eyes, consult an ophthalmologist immediately. light-sensitivity

Photophobia (sensitivity to bright light): Another common symptom that could indicate glaucoma in kids is photophobia or extreme sensitivity to cheap jerseys bright light or even sun light. If your kid complains Has that the light is too bright, then visit an eye specialist at the earliest to know the exact cause of the condition.eye-pain

Blepharospasm: Kids suffering from glaucoma also experience involuntary and abnormal contractions of the eyelids. Although it is rare, contractions of the muscles around NBA Jerseys Cheap the eye are often painful. This is a red flag and should not be ignored at any cost.cornea

Increase in size of the cornea: In infants and young children, a rise in the intraocular pressure (fluid pressure inside the eyes) leads to swelling of the eye, which can also increase the size of the cornea. So if your kid experiences heaviness in the eyes or if you see any physical changes in the eyes, consult your doctor immediately.Bluish-sclera

Bluish sclera: We all know that redness of the eye is a sign of eye infection. But did you know blue sclera can indicate glaucoma? So if the sclera, which is usually white in colour, is bluish or slightly greyish in colour, then consult your eye specialist as it can indicate increase in the eye pressure and risk of glaucoma in kids.

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