Monsoon hair care: How to cope with an itchy scalp during monsoons


Monsoon hair care: How to cope with an itchy scalp during monsoonsdealing-with-itchy-scalp-in-monsoon

Every season takes its toll on skin and hair. Summer brings along with it bad body odour and sweat and winter brings along dryness. Similarly, the major concerns during monsoons are skin irritation, smelly feet, and itchy scalp. The reasons for itchy scalp during the rainy season are similar to reasons during year round. However, the reasons get amplified due to damp weather, lack of sunshine, the increase of wholesale jerseys fungal growth in surrounding environment and sedimentation of pollutants present in the atmosphere on scalp suggests Dr Milan Choksey, Medical Manager, La Roche-Posay and Vichy, Loreal India Pvt Ltd. He also shares some reasons for the itchy scalp and how you can get rid of it:large

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  1. Dandruff: the damp weather promotes the growth of a fungus called Malasezzia which is known to cause dandruff. Here are some home remedies that work for dandruff.
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis: it is common skin and scalp condition resulting from excess oil Coming! secretion leading to redness, itching and flaking. Here’s how you oakley outlet can get rid of infant cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis.
  3. Parasitic conditions: Parasitic conditions Wholesale China Jerseys mean the breakout of lice, eggs of lice and nits on the scalp of children (more common, can also occur in adults). Sharing of hair care tools, close proximity with an affected person, hair care negligence lead to such conditions during monsoon. You can try these home remedies for head lice.
  4. Poor diet: which robs scalp of nourishment can also lead to an itchy scalp. Here are 6 essential nutrients you must eat to maintain your tresses.
  5. Improper hair hygiene: improper and less frequent washing and cleaning of hair can also lead to an itchy scalp. Find out what experts say about the number of times you must wash your

Home remedies for an itchy scalp during monsoon

  1. Coconut oil hair massage. Keep the oil for some time and then wash off. Find out why you don’t need to oil your hair overnight.
  2. Use a mask made of honey which is a natural moisturizer and has anti-microbial properties. Try these hair masks for all your hair problems.
  3. A mixture of baking soda and water can be applied on the scalp and then washed off after some time.
  4. Aloe vera can also provide relief to an itchy scalp.
  5. Proper hair care regime using a suitable shampoo followed by a conditioner. For a dry itchy scalp, hair scalp Pensonic mask can be used once per week.
  6. Proper diet comprising of lots of water, fruits, and green leafy vegetables will lead to a healthy scalp.

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