Many women feel completely naked without their makeup, but it can look artificial when it is not applied correctly. Applying makeup isn’t as easy as you think. You need to work with your face shape and its contours, and fake ray bans you need to blend it properly so that lines don’t stand out on your skin. Check out some quick tips for applying makeup-

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Before you try out any makeup techniques for your Make eyes, it is important to make sure that you choose the right shades of eye shadow. The only way to find out that you choose the right color is to do some experimentation with various shades and colors. Many women are in search of eye makeup application oakley outlet tips that will help enhance their natural eye color. It is a good idea to use a natural shade of eyeliner, such as dark brown or gray, which won’t look as harsh as a black stripe of eyeliner. Apply it in a thin line on both the top and bottom lids. As for eye shadow, choose a color that contrasts with your natural eye color. The contrast will make your eyes stand out even more.


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For fuller lips, you have to use a lip liner,  enlarging your bottom lip just a little bit. Apply a bold shade of lipstick or gloss and dab a little bit of lighter gloss in the center of your bottom lip. Practice several times with the lip liner, especially if you are trying Nông to
maximize or minimize your lips. Drawing a line too far away from the natural edge of your lips might make you look like a clown.

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The cheek make-up is one of the easiest makeup techniques to learn and master, but it will take practice, as it is easy to throwback nba jerseys overdo it. All you need to do is suck in your cheekbones and sweep a very medium bronze and a highlighting shimmer to create a shadowy appearance. If you try this makeup techniques, always remember to suck your cheeks in and smile when you are finished to make sure that there are no smears. Also, don’t over contour. Bars on the side of your face never look good, and the edges of the blush and highlighter should be soft


Basic skin care
Whether you are going to try out new makeup techniques for the eyes, cheeks or lips, it is important to make sure that you do not forget about a regular skin care routine. This means that you will need to cleanse tone and moisturize. Without a proper skin care routine, no makeup will look good on your skin

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