Try the nude makeup to look gorgeous in monsoon


Try cheap oakleys the nude makeup to look gorgeous in monsoon

During rains, you need a makeup that is minimalistic and looks good unfiltered on Instagram. A nude look during monsoon can be sexy and smooth. We have an easily-follow guide by makeup artist Nilima Rodrigues of Highscreen Marvie Ann Beck Academy for gorgeous nude make-up you can wear all along the season.Beauty-nude-makeup-THS

  • To get the nude makeup first start with a primer. Then choose your foundation depending on your skin tone. To get that natural effect, go for a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Never go for a foundation that is too dark. Blend the foundation well on the bridge of your ray ban sunglasses nose, Cheap Oakleys your 20:49:35 cheeks, chin and forehead. If you are fair, shades which are too light will give you the most natural look. If your complexion is dark, a powdered foundation will serve you better.make-up-8

Tip:  BB creams are great for your skin looking supple but to get that extra coverage, use a moisturising foundation. Here’s how to choose the right shade of lipstick, foundation eyeliner and blusher.

  • Use powder blushes to contour across your temples and around the hairline. To add that extra contouring, use a oakley outlet cream bronzer. Then blend a little liquid bronzer in downward strokes in the hollows of your check. Once you are done, sweep a bronzing powder to diffuse the lines.
  • For the perfect nude eye makeup, eye colours like pink, peach and caramel would be ideal. Instead of an eyebrow pencil use an eyebrow gel for a lasting effect. Use the mascara at the end.
  • When it comes to the lipstick, stick to a nude pink one. To look more natural, go for a gloss. Try ColorBar’s subtly nude.’

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