Want to improve your immunity? Try Ayurveda


Want to improve your immunity? Try Ayurveda11-Ayurvedic-Tips-To-Improve-Your-Digestion-770x402

Vyadhi Ksamatva or Bala means immunity or body’s resistance in Ayurveda. Ojas, our vital energy is an important factor for the defence mechanism of our body.This Ojas #춘천닭갈비 or energy has been considered as a vital factor in the defence mechanism of the body. Ojas pervades all tissues, cells, and spaces and determines the immunity status of an individual. Thus it is the resistance to disease of a body. Dr Gita Ramesh, Joint Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group and Dr Rahul Dogra, Operations Manager, Kairali Ayurvedic Centre suggest ways to improve immunity this season:

Bala or immunity can be classified into 3 types

  1. Sahaja: Congenital or Natural immunity which is inherited from parents
  2. Kalaja: Time, Season, Age-related immunity
  3. Yuktikruta: Acquired immunity

Yuktikruta Bala means acquired immunity. Here, herbs, medication, and home remedies are used to enhance the body’s immunity and defend it against various diseases.

Immunity can be acquired by the following ways:

  1. Rasayana chikitsa: This branch of Ayurveda helps in promoting immunity and rejuvenating the individual mentally and physically.
  2. Vyayama i.e. exercise. Exercise cheap nfl jerseys is a must daily and must be done up to 50% of one’s exertion capacity as it promotes immunity and also improves digestion.
  3. Satmya i.e.  suitability. In this method, substances that improve immunity are adapted in daily life and unwholesome substances are eliminated from the diet.

Following are some remedies recommended by Ayurveda to improve immunity:

  • Chyawanprash is very highly wholesale jerseys recommended except for diabetic patients
  • Chandraprabha vati
  • Triphala Choorna improves immunity and aids digestion
  • Turmeric milk must be consumed daily. Here are 7 more reasons you must drink turmeric milk everyday.
  • Eating 2-3 raw garlic cloves daily is also beneficial in keeping diseases at bay.
  • Ginger tea made with boiling ginger in water is very effective as ginger has a warming effect. Here are 11 reasons you must drink ginger tea everyday.
  • Ashwagandha with milk. Read more about the health benefits of Ashwagandha.
  • Giloy powder with 1 glass of warm water can be consumed. Giloy is also easily available in Ayurveda stores
  • Add lemon juice in daily cooking or drink lukewarm water with honey and lime every morning
  • Practice yoga daily for better immunitymaxresdefault <img cheap nfl jerseys class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-441″ src=”http://www.thestatesman.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ayurveda-for-immunity-THS.jpg” alt=”ayurveda-for-immunity-THS” width=”655″ height=”353″ srcset=”http://www.thestatesman.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ayurveda-for-immunity-THS.jpg 655w, http://www.thestatesman.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ayurveda-for-immunity-THS-300×162.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 655px) 100vw, 655px” />
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