<h2 cheap oakley sunglasses style=”text-align: center”>CONGRATS,BABY GIRL FOR BHAJJI-GEETA BASRA


Actress Geeta Basra and cricketer oakley outlet Harbhajan Singh are now parents to a princess. As per a report, Bhajji’s mom has confirmed to a media house that the actress has delivered a baby girl at a London hospital. Harbhajan Singh was with his wife in London already.<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-503" src="" alt="1469703687-khaskhabar-en" width="500" height="500" srcset=" 500w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×420.jpg 420w" sizes="(max-width: 500px) 100vw, custom jerseys 500px” />

The two had tied the knot last year in October last year in a grand wedding ceremony in Jalandhar. <img class="aligncenter fake oakleys size-full wp-image-504″ src=”” alt=”1469703698-khaskhabar-en” width=”500″ height=”500″ srcset=” 500w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×420.jpg 420w” sizes=”(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px” />

While Geeta had moved to her parents’ house in Britain, she was joined in by Bhajji in between. Geeta also had an all-white baby shower in London only.<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-505" src="" alt="1469703724-khaskhabar-en" width="500" сентября height=”500″ srcset=” 500w,×150.jpg 150w,×300.jpg 300w,×420.jpg 420w” sizes=”(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px” />

This reminds us how Harbhajan’s mother had recently spoken about welcoming this new bundle fake ray bans of joy into the family. She had said, “Along with my blessings, I will give some gold ornaments to the child. We are simple people and don’t believe in ostentatiousness. Of course, we will make panjiri, a ghee-laden food item that is given to new mothers. I will take it with me to London after Geeta’s delivery.”

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