Pee Cee featured on the Cover Model for Femina Magazine for August 2016 issue. She is included in Femina Magazine’s Qualität List of India’s Most Powerful Women 2016. Priyanka looks drop-dead gorgeous on the cover with a cropped hairdo.1468925723-khaskhabar-en

The actress is currently shooting for the second season of Quantico in New York. The show will be back in India from the mid-season break on Star World next month1468925765-khaskhabar-en

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Ms. Chopra will be making her Hollywood debut in Baywatch opposite Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. The movie is directed by Seth Gordon which is scheduled to release on May 2017.1468925782-khaskhabar-en

Priyanka Chopra celebrated her birthday on Monday and was inundated with gifts and wishes.<a href="" rel="attachment bang wp-att-577″>1468925795-khaskhabar-en

In her birthday party cheap oakleys sunglasses she wore a Cheap Oakleys sexy, figure flattering beige dress that she paired with a thick gold necklace and rings for the bash.

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