How to Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop Free


How to Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop Free:

WhatsApp is one of the best applications to chat with our friends. WhatsApp becomes very popular these days because it offers many features like sending free SMS, sending and receiving videos from our cheap jerseys buddies. We can share our real-time location with our friends. WhatsApp supports lots of smileys and moreover it is available to all Mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry, fake oakleys and iOS.  Recently, Facebook bought WhatsApp application for 19 million dollars.


About WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp’s latest update now supports Android direct share, that lets users quickly select a particular conversation when sharing them from another app. This feature so far requires the latest Android OS 6.0 or above. Meanwhile, you can also share links and get some within the application. Users will also enjoy Mix a better preview of those links with latest system enhancement. If you have some favourite chats that you want to read all over again, you can make use of the starred messages feature. It’s basically like your bookmark for all the chats you want to see later. It can be performed right down at the Chats tab, then look under the Menu and then check for any starred messages.


Requirements To Use WhatsApp for Windows Laptop/PC For Free

  • To install WhatsApp, you should have at least 1GB of RAM, but 2GB or higher is recommended.
  • You must have the high-speed Internet connection to download and install WhatsApp in our PC/laptop. ( At least 256 Kbps)
  • Dual core processor ( at least 1.6 GHz). I am not sure about this.

How to Download WhatsApp on PC with BlueStacks?

The following are the steps to follow if you want to download and install WhatsApp for PC. They are simple and self-explanatory: –


  • Step 1. Downloading and installing an emulator is the first pre – requisite since WhatsApp for PC is not available officially.
  • Step 2. Once the Emulator is installed, run it. Download Bluestacks Offline Installer
  • Step 3. It is after the completion of step
  •  (the downloading process) that the application will be installed on your desktop. Key in your phone number if prompted to do so.
  • Step 4. The confirmation code you receive on your phone should be pasted on the app which gives you a clearance to use WhatsApp.

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How to Use Whatsapp in PC/Laptop 

Step 1:

from Google Chrome or using any other web browser.

Step 2: You will see a QR code on your computer screen (for example see the image below)

Step 3: Now take your smartphone which has WhatsApp signed Cheap mlb Jerseys in and open WhatsApp

Step 4: Now go to Options on WhatsApp.

Step 5: now click on WhatsApp web and instantly a QR scanner screen will appear on your phone screen

Step 6: Now just scan the QR code which has appeared on your computer screen with your mobile

Step 7: And you are now signed in WhatsApp web with your WhatsApp account (the one which you are using on your phone).

***Note: in case you want to sign out of WhatsApp web, you need to get o options in mobile WhatsApp and click on WhatsApp web and lastly click on the sign out cheap china jerseys to sign out from WhatsApp web. Hope you find this helpful.

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