Install New Graphics Card to your device in five steps


Install New Graphics Card to your device in five steps

Are you wondering about how to install graphics card into your device, pc, laptop or any other gadget? You do not need to worry or look for a professional person to change or install it. Here we are sharing all the necessary cheap jerseys details by which you can change or install graphic cards without any worries. So go through these details and install the graphic cards without any issue. We assist you in the best way we can by describing each and every thing you should need to know. If you know already about something then skip those and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Before you are going to get a new graphics card you should take care of some things, so that you do not get cheated. cheap oakleys These things are as follows:

  1. Compatibility of Motherboard (AGP, PCIe 2.0 x16, PCIe 2.1 x16, PCI, PCIe)
  2. Good Power Supply (it should have enough to power the card as well as everything else)
  3. Space of the Case (with newer high end cards, there can be little room left. I have a N260GTX in a Full tower case, and it BARELY fits. Make sure to measure your case)
  4. Power of the Graphics Card and your Pocket (This is for you to determine, will it be economical for you or not)
  5. Graphics Ports (most new video cards now include a VGA to DVI adapter)

Now if you have brought the best graphics card according to your knowledge then the next step would be to install essential supporting things for your graphics card. Following are the essential things you need:

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  1. The new graphic card (you brought).
  2. A screwdriver.
  3. New card drivers those are available in the CD.

As you are ready to install the Graphics Card, now we suggest following the steps.

First Fake Oakleys step, check if that there is already a graphics card installed on motherboard; if yes, then first disable it in BIOS before going further. Let us tell you how to do it,

  • Restart you computer, the moment when BIOS logo appears then press one of the keys such as Del, Esc, F1, or the key by which your computer is configured to get into the BIOS setting.
  • Scroll there with the help of arrow keys and select option with the help of Enter key.
  • Go to the advanced tab and look for graphics setting and then you will find a disable option and select it.

Second step, Remove the old drives of graphics card. Now this can be done with the help of following steps,

  • Go to the Device Manager by right click on computer> click on properties>select device manager.
  • Click on Display Adapters option.
  • Right click on the properties and select deriver tab and then click uninstall.

Third step, turn off the computer by shutting it down. Now, remove the graphics card physically by safely removing all the locks from it. Keep it on ideal conditions so that it doesn’t get bad.

Fourth step, put new graphics card on the same place from which old one was removed. If the base is loose then make it perfectly fit into it by pushing it with a little force. Do not exert more power than needed.

Fifth step, Screw the card in the case available and put them back into the space of case.

Last step, Turn on the computer by power button, then install new drives.

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We hope that you like the Tiếng post of how to install the new graphics card. We will again be here sharing new things with you to solve all your technical issues, so that you do not need any other paid professional.

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