Mercedes Future bus will be the world’s first automated driving bus


Mercedes Future bus will be the world’s first automated driving bus

Automated self-drive vehicles are the raising ray ban outlet thing in the automotive world. Daimler Buses has tied up with Mercedes-Benz to produce the world’s first autonomous city bus. The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus was first driven around Amsterdam.

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The bus is equipped with ‘CityPilot’, Mercedes latest autonomous driving system. Just like it’s earlier ‘HighwayPilot’ which enables to drive bus autonomously is specifically marked bus lanes up to 43mph. A human driver supervision of assigned for safety. This semi-automatic technology may turn into full-fledged automatic and may drive on roads without a need for a cheap jerseys human driver.

The new Mercedes-Benz Future bus is equipped with camera, connectivity, data fusion, radar systems and the technology to detect other vehicles, traffic lights, bicycles and pedestrians. This new technology allows city bus to work more efficiently and comfortably when compared to conventional buses. The presence of a driver will be there to interfere at whenever needed.


“The most important thing is that we will have more safety in the bus. The systems work 24 hours a ray bans ale day and they support the driver. So I would say to the two eyes of the driver, we add 20 eyes of cameras, of radar, and everything. It is one important thing. Also important, the driver is always monitoring the system, and he always can react. This is very important in this phase for the next five years.” Says, Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Buses.


Future bus not only drives itself in specific lanes but fake oakleys also follows the traffic signals and commute passengers by passing through tunnels and bus stop. Mercedes lacks no back when it comes to a matter of comfort. The ‘lounge’ portion of the bus features a wireless charge technology which allows its passengers to charge their smartphones.

At the moment, The German automaker is not hinting about its production. To limit its autonomous technology level by Vienna Convention on road traffic, ray bans sale named ECE R79.

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