Project WetBrush:3D Painting Digitally with the Adobe and NVIDIA’s Collaborate


Project WetBrush:3D Painting Digitally with the Adobe and NVIDIA’s Collaborate

“I dream my painting; then I paint my dream.” Sayings from one of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

From ages, artists have been creating the beautiful and the richly detailed oil paintings on canvas which keeps us inspiring every time. These artists might never dream about paint brush that would able to choose which they like and which includes picking up from a limitless array of paint colours and use same natural twists, and one can turn off the brush for creating a beautiful and colourful texture of oil on digital canvas.


This is what exactly the Project Wetbrush from the adobe’s research does, with the help of the heavy duty computational power of NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA.

Speaking technically, this Project Wetbrush is the world’s first real-time simulation-based 3D painting art system with bristle-level interactions. All the painting and drawing tools which we use are 2D (2-Dimentional).


These may be simple and create fun, but this Project 09:21:01 Wetbrush is entirely different. Wetbrush, is fully a 3D Fake Oakleys simulation, with the multiple levels of thickness, depth and texture. The users who use this Project Wetbrush will feel real, and this is pretty impressive.

Oil painting on the actual canvas is having full of complex interactions within the paint, between brush and paint and among the bristles themselves. This Project Wetbrush simulates all these things in real-time by including the complexity of oakley outlet maintaining paint viscosity, variable brush speeds, colour mixing and even the drying of paint.

The artists can ignore the technology and simply immerse themselves in their art naturally and so fluidly, although, this is not easy to build the digital oil painting tool and to let the artists paint quickly.

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To watch this Project Wetbrush in Cheap Jerseys action, then you have to visit the NVIDIA cheap jordan booth at the SIGGRAPH event. If you are further interested in exploring how things are going in the Project Wetbrush, you can read the technical paper of the Project Wetbrush.

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