Top 5 reasons for blank screen of Computer: Learn & Avoid


Top 5 reasons for blank screen of Computer: Learn & Avoid

Whenever I start the computer it gives a slow boot. It is time consuming and frustrating, if I need to do an important work. Does it happen Muffins with your computer many times you log on to your PC? There are many reasons for your computer screen to go blank but the top most reasons are discussed here, so that you can avoid them and your computer works fine and healthy whenever you log on to your PC. It makes your work easy so that work goes smooth. Find out the issues with your computer and solve it by your own without paying for it.

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  1. RAM issues: One of the top 5 reasons for the blank screen of monitor is due to faulty RAM. It is not common issue that occurs with everyone. If you boot your PC and you hear sound of faulty RAM then it is commonly recognized, but sometimes PC doesn’t show this issue at the time of boot.

How to resolve this issue?

This issue is easily resolved by either putting oakley outlet RAM back again after removing it from the same place. Or if this issue occurs again then you should go into BIOS setting and run test for RAM. If it shows that RAM is no more working properly then change it immediately.

  1. Graphics Card Issues: Graphics card are these days can be found inbuilt in computer, previously it was not inbuilt so one has to install it externally. You should first check if the graphics card is working properly or not. It helps in supporting graphics of your computer.

How to resolve this issue?

This issue can be resolved by first checking the configurations of your computer with graphic cards. You should first connect another monitor with the same CPU. You can detect it easily. If graphic card is loosely connected then check the connection. Otherwise change your video/graphics card.

  1. Humidity issues: Believe it or not but humidity plays an important role to create issues regarding blank screen of your monitor. So you should take very nice care of your monitor by preventing it to get effected by air humidity.

How to prevent monitor from humidity?

There are many options you can opt. First is to cover it with the help of good quality cloth or plastic cover, when not in use. If the monitor is already exposed to humidity then you should use silicon powder or talcum powder to dry it up. Don’t use tap water to clean cheap oakleys the screen.

  1. Connectivity issues: The first thing that you should check before looking up for any other option is right connectivity. There is possibility of loose connections of wire or from socket. There are majorly one power cable and one data transferring cable connected to your monitor. If there is loose connection then you will find your screen go blank.

How to resolve the issue of connectivity?

You can fix this issue by checking the connectivity of power cable and data transferring cable. Fix the cable and tighten up the connections.

  1. Motherboard issues: If there is a bad circuit connections in mother board then it may result in blank screen of monitor. There are numerous reasons for these issues of mother board, such as short circuit, malfunctioning of  essential device, issue with cooling system, etc.

How to resolve issue of Mother Board?

There is no other option then to fix it with the help of professional. The mother board is very sensitive part of your computer, so don’t oakley outlet take any risk with it. Place it with care and with high proficiency.

blank screen of computer issue

We hope that you like 5 major issues why your cheap oakleys computer screen goes blank. You can find it very helpful in your day to day life activities with PC.


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