UIDAI eyes Aadhaar Card-Enabled Smartphones to Easy Access For Govt Services


UIDAI eyes Aadhaar Card-Enabled Smartphones to Easy Access For Govt Services

Now Its time to gear up for a “game changer” initiative taken up by the government of India, Aadhar card enabled smartphones. Yes, you read it right, now Aadhaar card will be linked to your smartphones in a much smarter way. UIDAI authorities are holding high-level meetings with the leading smartphone manufacturers.

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According to the Unique Identification Authority of India’s idea, the Aadhaar enabled handsets will contain a chip with UIDAI encryption code which will be in turn connect to the Aadhaar server. The encryption code will be the key custom jerseys factor for security. The server connection will access the iris and fingerprint authentication of the Aadhaar holders.

Ajay Bhushan Pandey, the CEO of UIDAI, had a meeting with the top executives of Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Micromax. The software products think tank Isprit was also present. The session discussed the ways to make handsets with access to Aadhaar.

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About 100 Crore Aadhaar users are present in cheap oakleys the country among which 40% carry smartphones. So it is a helpful step. While most of the companies reciprocated positively for this scheme, Apple has concerns about the security of data and privacy issues. By linking smartphone with Aadhaar me server, all the user information will be available to Govt of India, which is against the interests of Apple Inc.

However, UIDAI officials addressed all the security concerns, and assured safety of 100 Crore Indians is the fake oakleys basic priority. Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris has the options for government schemes and banking process with user authentication. The company was in high spirits cheap oakley sunglasses as their spokesperson said, “Galaxy Tab Iris will support government benefit programmes and enable banks and financial institutions to the streamline the process of an individual’s authentication, regardless of language and literacy barriers.

digitalization of Aadhaar

The government of India provided stringent guidelines to the citizens regarding Aadhaar card registration. The multipurpose UIDAI card is linked to receive benefits like LPG subsidy, MGNREGA, Jan Dhan Yojana. So the Aadhaar card registrations were made in high pace to receive discontinued services. The new bold step toward digitalization of Aadhaar will be helpful in time and resource management, cheap ray bans only when the information is confidential.

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