Watch: Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 Promo is Out Now Check Full Tralior


The 1st promo/Tralior of the India’s most popular Tv reality show Bigg Boss season 10 is out. One and Only Host Salman Khan is seen in the avatar of an astronaut in the First promo. Apparently, the look of an astronaut is just one of the many looks that Salman will be seen sporting in different promos leading up to the show.

Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan dons the avatar of an astronaut

As per a report on the Times of India, a source from the sets of Bigg Boss 10 informed, “Salman was really kicked about it because no one has attempted to play an astronaut in Bollywood before.” Salman’s space suit has been designed by his favourite designer Ashley Rebello.BIGG BOSS 10 OFFICIL PROMO

A source from the sets revealed, “Salman kick-started the ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ promo shoot with the astronaut costume and the cast and crew were eagerly waiting to see him in that look. He arrived with the same style and aura that Fake Oakleys always surrounds him and seemed really enthusiastic about donning such an outstanding look for the promo shoot.” With the ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood extending his arms into space to handpick the right contestants for ‘BB10’, this season promises to bring along tons of surprises for the audience.

Season 10 of Bigg Boss will see common men and women entering the house and Salman stresses on this fact in the promo, adding that this time history will be rewritten in the Bigg Boss house.

The much awaited promo of Bigg Boss 10 is finally cheap oakleys out! This 30 seconds promo video will give you insights of what is going to happen in the tenth season of the controversial show Bigg Boss. Like the head of Colors channel Raj Nayak had promised, the promo has been released between 9am and 10am and you’ll be surprised seeing the avatar of the show’s host Salman Khan. He is not in any regular style. But Salman Khan has appeared in the most unusual style ever – an astronaut. Yes, the 50-year-old superstar is dressed as an astronaut in the promo.
It is confirmed that the common man will enter the house but what will happen next is the mystery. We just hope this new twist to the show will up its TRP and does not hit the rock-bottom like its previous season. Bigg Boss 9 turned out to be a major flop. It cheap oakleys sunglasses might be due to the changes in the timing that had happened or may be due to the thanda cheap oakley sunglasses contestants. The show did not do well as all had expected.Salman-Khan-in-the-Bigg-Boss-Season-10-promo-

This season of Bigg Boss is indeed very special because this time the complicated and the most controversial house is open for the aam aadmi (common man). Like the makers of the show had promised (common man in BB10), they have fulfilled it too and nothing could make it better for the fans of Bigg Boss. Like Salman says in the promo, Bigg Boss season 10 is going to create history with common men and women. All these years we have seen how celebs create dhamaka in the house but this time it is going to spice up. The common is not used to the cameras like the celebrities and so this time the show will have something new to offer for the small screen cheap jerseys from china viewers.

But this time the excitement is at its peak and we just can’t for Bigg Boss 10 to begin. Let’s wait and watch how the common men and women entertain the viewers. For more updates, keep watching this space and tell us, how found the promo of Bigg Boss 10. Post your views in the comment section below.

One of the most famous and controversial reality show is named as Bigg Boss which will be showcasing its 10th season soon on Indian Television channel Colors Tv. There has been immense curiosity and anticipation among Indian viewers and fans to know the schedule and structure of the upcoming Bigg Boss season 10. The much awaited Bigg Boss season 10 will be starting from the first week of October with the same timings telecasted at 9:30 p.m to 10.30 p.m in the evening. The show will once again be hosted by famous Bollywood personality and superstar Salman Khan. This popular in-house reality show can be enjoyed by viewing online episodes on 05:47:25 Bigg Boss 10 official website

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